F-ONE Brazil Downwinder

Kite Adventures and F-ONE invites you to visit Brazil and participate in a week-long epic downwind kiting adventure, along some of the most beautiful coast line in the world!

Demo some of F-ONE's newest releases and let the Kite Adventures team show you all the best spots and pristine wave riding along the north-eastern coast of Brazil. Experience consistent 18-30+ knot winds, great surf and beautiful warm water.

The dates for this exclusive trip are October 23rd-November 1st, 2010.

Click here to book your Kite Adventure/F-ONE 10 day/9 night downwinder. Spaces are limited so book your trip now to reserve your spot.

The wind will be blowing consistently 18-30+ knots so it is recommended to bring a medium and strong wind kite.

You will need to bring you own kiting equipment on the tour.

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Sample Itinerary

Arrive in Paradise
Our 10-day downwind tours begin when we pick you up at the airport and take you directly to Cumbuco for an immediate session right outside your hotel. You can be on the water in less than an hour from the time we leave the airport! The next day we downwind to the world-famous Cauipe lagoon and spend the afternoon enjoying the legendary flat-water riding and eating fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

The land of epic Downwinders
After one more night and a hearty group dinner, we head up the beach by 4x4 to the Taiba lagoon for some more flat water riding. Then we're off to enjoy the magnificent, majestic town of Jeri. Oh and we will happen to be enjoying some downwinders in 30+ knot wind as well.

Day 4,5,6- Experience true adventure
Jericoacoara (or "Jeri" for short) is an incredible little oasis built on the sand, surrounded by massive sand dunes. Each day, we'll guide you via dune buggy on some of the world's best downwinders. Waves, wind and summer sun, you can't ask for more. By night you can dive into the luscious nightlife with lots of bars to choose from, some that stay open till dawn!

Day 9-10 - Back to Cumbuco
Enjoy the remaining weekend in Cumbuco at the beach front hotel and downwinding to the lagoon. Take the day at your discretion and your time.

We design our tours so it's the perfect combination of kiting, nightlife and as much Brazil sun as you can handle!

Prices per person

  • Double Occupancy assumes being paired at random with another kiter.
  • Want your own room? Select single occupancy.

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